The Fork to Farmer Concept

Fork to Farmer program leverages the high visibility of celebrated chefs to enhance the viability of small farms through new direct to consumer income from product sales and farm visit sales. Fork to Farmer partners with celebrated chefs willing to contribute as catalysts for a marketing campaign promoting farm experiences and products offered by small farmers.

We collaborate with tourism, local foods, and Extension partners to create short films celebrating partnerships between celebrated chefs and the small farmers that supply them.  We also build marketing coalitions that allow small farmers to sell farm experiences and products to the public and offer training programs that enable the recruitment and accompaniment of participating small farmers.

Through this project local food enthusiasts can be confident that participating chefs are indeed devoted to the success of neighboring small farmers; they know how to reach out to these farmers to ask for an enriching visit to a larm to get an in-depth fun experience about growing healthy tasty food; and they know that these farmers are


Fork to Farmer bridges the work of local tourism marketing organizations and local farm development organizations.  In most regions, we collaborate with Tourism Development Authorities - they collect occupancy tax from lodging companies in the region and use that budget to support the promotion of local farm tourism microentrepreneurs and restaurants. Examples of partners include:

  • County extension offices

  • County and city tourism development authorities or offices

  • County and city economic development offices

  • Community development organizations

  • Other interested non profit organizations